Client Case Study

Client:  Profire Energy (Nasdaq:PFIE)

Challenge: At the time of engagement Profire had limited exposure to the investment community.  RADIUS was tasked to build retail & institutional awareness as well as provide best practice IR guidance.  Thinly traded at $0.65 with a $39M market cap, objectives were to build and sustain a responsive long-term audience that would enable the Company to raise critical expansion capital.

Solution: RADIUS identified & leveraged a selection of retail  & institutional targets from its 85,000+ network.  Through diligent daily networking on the company’s behalf  RADIUS worked closely with management to successfully increase interest within the investment community in direct correlation with the Company’s ongoing growth.  As the campaign evolved efforts included refining the company’s message and driving it daily through retail, institutional, and media channels.

Result: On March 26, 2014 the Company announced its uplist to Nasdaq. During our ongoing tenure the Company’s market cap and PPS surpassed $250M and $4.00 respectively, while raising an additional $18M and garnering independent research coverage from Maxim Group, Chardan Capital Markets, Sidoti & Co., and WAB Capital.


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