| Outreach Services |

Retail & Institutional Marketing

Identifying, attracting and keeping investors is the intent of all RADIUS outreach programs. To build trust and transparency between our clients and external audiences we align each issuer with the most targeted buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, sell-side analysts and retail investors in North America and Europe. Each client receives direct introductions via conference calls and one-on-one meetings with retail participants, securities analysts, institutional investors and the bankers that optimally match the client’s story. Clients are provided background information on all meeting participants in addition to our understanding of their criteria and level of potential interest.

Media & Digital Relations

Online and traditional media are continually evolving while the intent remains to drive investor & consumer awareness. RADIUS understands the importance of utilizing the latest digital logistics to comprehensively drive each client’s message flow.  Working closely with management we will:  Identify the desired level of media exposure and build a complete target base spanning all mediums from CNBC to regional business periodicals.